You're wanting to slow your life down and reconnect with your surroundings through the actions you take, and the footsteps you leave behind. This isn't about mastery of something new, it's about starting something different. Simply. Slowly. It doesn't have to be that hard. I'm here to provide you with some tips and tricks to expedite your path to a slower life.

Hey there! I'm Chad Willms

I grew up as a pretty typical middle-income, urban kid in the 1980s. I raced my bike around the neighbourhood with friends and searched for pop bottles to exchange for candy at the corner store. Although summer holidays sometimes included camping, short hikes and canoe trips, I wasn't raised hunting, fishing and learning bushcraft.

Things changed for me as an adult. A love of mountain activities developed. I started running first to maintain fitness for other activities, and then found running to be an activity of its own. I've connected with long distance running, and although I'm rarely near the front of the pack in a race, I pride myself on being just "OK" but almost always finishing no matter how far and hard the race. I've now completed dozens of marathons and ultramarathon races. I need to balance running with family needs, work, and other activities I love doing. It isn't uncommon though to find me doing a half-marathon distance before breakfast on the weekend, or even taking a day off work to run 100km, "just for fun"!

In my early 30s I inherited some rifles and decided to start hunting without any experience or mentors. After many unsuccessful hunting trips, I finally started to figure it out. While not prolific, I do take pride in supplementing our freezer space with free range, organic wild game. You really cannot buy higher quality meat. And with wild game in the house, I suddenly found myself scouring recipe books and food blogs for my next wild game meal. I have deep satisfaction in the whole field to table process. The butchering isn't professional, but it doesn't have to be to make great food. And still, the butchering really is "OK". There is pleasure to be had in starting to prepare your evening meal in the early morning before you've even started breakfast. Taking it slow and spending a whole day cooking for family and friends is a day well spent!

Throughout my life, my activities and relationship with the outdoors has been evolving. I've found that sometimes the best experiences are about the preparation and the journey. I can't lie, the goal or finish line is amazing too, but the slower the trip, the more there is to enjoy along the way.

Life is too short to rush. Live it slowly!